Founder and President
Dr. Tonya D. Lewis


Founder Dr. Tonya LewisThis woman of God is a lover, servant and worshipper of God, our great Heavenly Father. She is a godly Woman of Character. Over 40 years ago she dedicated her life to the Lord Jesus Christ and His work.

Dr. Lewis has been a faithful member of West Angeles Church of God In Christ for 40 years pastored by Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake. She has faithfully served in many leadership capacities. Her ministry has also touched and impacted many lives outside of the local church walls.

She has taught the Word of God since 1982 and was licensed as an Evangelist Missionary by the Church of God in Christ Incorporated in 1986. In 2008, she was ordained a Pastor as sanctioned by the Saints of Value World Ministries.

Dr. Lewis is the Founder and Director of “The Overcomers Bible Fellowship Adult Ministry”. Through this ministry, students learn how to overcome all of life’s obstacles through the study of God’s Word. Also, this ministry’s focus is to share the life-changing principles of God’s Word, through being examples of God’s love to all mankind. The Holy Spirit through this ministry also teaches fundamentals principles of Christian living to develop and prepare believers for their God-given assignments. By the Spirit of God, many of the students have been assigned leadership positions in various areas of ministry.

She is the Founder and Executive Producer of the Christian Enrichment Production (CEP) Media Ministries. This ministry has produced hundreds of cable shows of various interests for various ages. Its mission is to educate, edify and motivate the lives of both Christians and non-Christians in the way of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of these shows may be viewed on You-Tube by searching for Dr. Tonya Lewis.

Dr. Lewis is the Founder and President of “One Faith Fellowship”. This non-denominational ministry, transcends Denominational Walls and offers fellowship gatherings for Believers in Christ Jesus, as they join together to display the love, power, and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Lewis’ organization of the “Communication Angels Ministry” serves in spiritually enriching and up building the lives of those behind prison walls.

To provide avenues and opportunities of Christian fellowship, she founded the “Life Enrichment Fellowship”.

She is also a noted and respected columnist. On a weekly basis she has written for the ACC newspaper, with occasional articles in the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper. She continues to be a weekly columnist for the Raise the Praise Christian Newspaper and also a columnist for the Ekklesia Magazine and Flying News Post newspaper. Dr. Lewis also maintains a weekly on-line newsletter which is viewed and read world-wide.

Along with many other commendations, she was honored for two years as a nominee for the National Henrietta Mears Sunday School, “Teacher of the Year” award. She was awarded winner of the Adult Teacher Sunday School’s category. Also, Dr. Lewis was selected by the McDonald Douglas Corporation as one of the seven outstanding Sunday School Teachers in the nation. She has also been awarded the Business and Professional Women of Southern California First Jurisdiction of the Church of God In Christ’s “Industrious Woman of Excellence Award.”

The quest of furthering her education has been experienced at various Institutions of higher learning. She has received a BA in Church Administration, Master Degree in Religious Education, Honorary Doctorate of Ministry and has earned a Doctorate of Theology Degree through the Church of God Pentecostal Ministerial Training Institute.

In 1991, after faithful volunteering for over 17 years at West Angeles church, she was invited by her Senior Pastor, Bishop Charles E. Blake, to become a member of his executive team, assisting to oversee the membership of over 24,000 persons. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Office of Volunteer and Bereavement Services and in many other capacities.

Dr. Lewis was born and raised until the age of ten in Camden, Arkansas. She is the mother of 3 sons, Terrell, Joseph and Lewis Lewis. She is also the grandmother of one granddaughter Tatiana and one grandson Lewis Lewis II.

After working in Corporate America, Dr. Tonya D. Lewis is fully persuaded that God has ordained full-time ministry for her life. For this, she is thankful.

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