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One Faith Fellowship is a 501c3 religious organization formed in November 2006. Our objective is that we, the Body of Christ, will unite together to strengthen our forces to advance the Kingdom of God .  There is a great need for us to share our God-given love and abilities one to another by tearing down the walls of denominational divisions. Donate to us today and become a part of our Family of Believers!

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One Faith's  Current & Future Donation Focuses:
Sister Ta Systah Ministries
Tennis Kidz Network (TKN)
Saints of Value International Ministry
-- Assistance to other Ministries
-- Prison Ministry
-- Bridging the Gap--Mentoring Program
-- Transcending From the Bottom Up Ministries
-- Prison Fellowship Ministry, Project:
-- Peace Makers, Inc. ( Domestic Violence)
-- Wendy Bell Organ Donations Foundation
-- Mothers In Charge
-- Brother II Brother
-- Frontline Ministries
-- God's Kids Organization
-- The Delta Kappa Chapter's Youth Guidance Group
-- Cannon House
-- COGIC Missions
-- Abundant Life Mission Ministries
-- Extending Our Hands Ministry


More Ministries To Be Added
2008 Recognition Breakfast
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